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Monday, June 21, 2010

Utter Happiness....

Today is definitely one of the happiests day of my life... As u know from my previous posts, I really want kids, even when I'm doomed not to have one of my own... But, there was a possibility I had NEVER considered : being Godfather to one of my nephews!!! That's why I'm so happy! Today my cousin called, he said he wanted to see me and that he had something he had to tell me that couldn't be said over the phone... I was really nervous about it... I really didn't know what to think... So he came over and he started telling me about the baby... He's just about to be 4 months old... So he told me that when he was born, he and his wife agreed to each choose someone from his/her family to be the godfather/mother, so as it turns out, my cousin has just one sister and his wife has just one brother... so it was pretty much settled from the word go ... But a few days ago, her brother told them he couldn't do it, that his agnosticism kept him from doing so... So the godfather position was available... We have an older cousin from our side of the family, my brother and he has some other cousins from his mom's side, a lot of them actually... but he picked ME!!
He started saying that he just wanted the godfather to be from the family, the closest possible and he said that i have always been a special cousin for him and that he knew i would be right when he first saw me looking at the baby... So, he cried, I cried, my mother arrived and cried as well... So, I'm very VERY happy... I'm honored and flattered to say the least... From a bunch of possible godfathers, he picked me!! ME!!! LOL
It's a gorgeous kid, everyone says he looks like his grandpa, who is actually my godfather... and i look like him as well, so I guess that means the boy looks like me too... maybe just a little, but still... hehehe
So, in a few words... I'm completely and utterly happy right now... this is a big responsibility, but I'm so glad it's me... wish me luck!

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